Our Community of Practice

It is a group of wonderful brilliant people who share a passion for Coaching and Facilitating, and they do and learn how to do it better as they interact regularly.

All of our members regularly collaborate to share information, improve their skills, and actively advance the general knowledge of this domain.

We are different

  • High quality events

    Great saving while contributing to the community development

    We do high-quality events like workshops, interactive games, podcasts, and lessons every month, and they are all included in the community membership.

  • Promote self-empowerment and Professional Development

    Active involvement of all community members

    The community is open to encountering our needs. We create space for opportunities to practice and develop capabilities that we can use for our growth and leverage competitive advantages for our company.

  • High engagement and flexibility

    Special Meetings for every needs.

    With the agendaless Lean Coffee, the easy-going Brown Bag lunch sessions, and the unconventional, creative, and thought provoking Lean Spritz, we cover all the formats and times. We don't have any excuses to learn by meeting!

What we do together

  • Workshop

    Engage in intensive discussion and activity on a particular subject or topic.

  • Podcast

    Collection of audio recording about events, interviews and season!

  • Video

    Webinar, events, video courses exclusively for our community

  • Lean Coffee

    Lean Coffee is a structured meeting but without planning. Participants get together, build the agenda, and speak directly and productively.

  • Brown Bag Session

    Seminars are held at lunchtime so that attendees can have their lunch during the session and enjoy the meal!

  • Lean Spritz

    These are interactive sessions after-work, unstructured and thought-provoking, a place where asking provocative questions to provoke new ideas. Cheers!

  • Agile Games

    Powerful learning tools that help teams come together to generate awareness and solve problems with ease

  • Presentations, Templates, Books

    Always new resources available to community members

  • Community group

    Help with Understanding: chat and discussion groups